Bad Brioche

I often get overexcited in supermarkets abroad, especially in France, so many speciality ingredients… This time I got sucked in by the brioche/patisserie flour, who wouldn’t want to make french pastries on holiday in France? (It’s worth noting that the local bakery was closed for their holiday the week we were there or this would not have been necessary).

Lizzy had categorically refused to make croissants with me as it’s too complicated so I decided we would make brioche instead, it’s just bread right?

Wrong, it is not just bread, not in any way. I first of all thought I would use the recipe on the bag of flour but my french wasn’t up to that sadly and then all the recipes I looked up contained about 8 eggs which we didn’t have so I found a ‘simplest’ recipe and thought that would be a good starting point.

So making the bread was a nightmare, the quantities of flour to egg were unbelieveably bad leaivng me with a disgusting paste rather than a dough, we had to add nearly twice as much flour as given to form the soft elastic dough needed.

After many hours rising/kneading, you know the drill I brushed it with an egg yolk (i used all of it, why wouldn’t you?) and whacked it in the oven.

The top burnt fairly quickly as I seems I used too much of the egg yolk but fortunately thsi didn’t affect the rest of the bread, it just looks shit.

The finished product was okay, it had the right consistency, just about, but it was tasteless and colourless (probably due to the severely reduced amount of egg compared to other recipes) and to be honest a massive disappointment.

I will be making Brioche again (I have a whole bag of brioche flour after all) but not THIS brioche. I’ll use a proper recipe from a French chef, the lesson here is to NOT cut corners in baking, it never works!

I haven’t included a link to the recipe here because it was shit and there is no way I would want anyone to use it or even be able to find it.

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