Apricot Jam

Whilst in France the weather wasn’t amazing the whole time, so we made other plans. We had always planned to go to the market in Selles sur Cher on the Thursday and decided to get there nice and early to miss the rush, Simon wasn’t massively happy about this, he’s not a morning person, but he likes to keep me happy. On arrival in the town at 08.15 we were the first car in the car park, this did not bode well. The market was nowhere near open and even after a coffee and a wander we still had to sop at the tea rooms before we could start shopping. Simon had by this point moved into stony silence.

Anyway we had  an excellent shop including haberdashery items, rotisserie chicken and potatoes, mussels, vegetables, bread, a basket (obviously! Lizzy has been infected by the abundance of wicker in the house) and some more, very in season, apricots.

We also had a very successful visit to the local Phildar wool shop, where I purchased some excellent wool for Christmas prezzies.

Onto the jam. This was yet another success story from my trusty, National Trust ‘Good Old-Fashioned Jams, Preserves and Chutneys’, this recipe is pictured in the book on a scone and to be honest I think that would be it’s perfect home as it’s very sweet, but delicious.

The recipe was fairly simple apart from the buggering about with the stones which had to be cracked (using the only implement to hand – a hammer), the kernels removed and blanched and them immersed in cold water to remove the skins and then added to the pot.

There was some talk from my parents of a laser thermometer knocking around (bought for a joke and which my mother hadn’t even considered using in the kitchen) but we couldn’t find it and so had to rely on a freezer full of plates for the ‘wrinkle test’.

The end result is pretty near perfect in terms of consistency and taste, even if I do say so myself, in fact there is a local show coming up which I’m planning to enter it in so we’ll see how it performs in competition.

As you can see there is more than one jam on offer here, you can read about the other one at Ruffles and Ribbons.

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