Teacher’s Bunting

My little sister Amber has been teacher trianing and her very own class this year for the first time. She is teaching Year 6 (I think) so there is much craft we are investing in to make her class the most fun and pretty and handmade!

The number 18 - brought to you by the Harwoods

First up is this amazing counting bunting, we made this one afternoon when she treated me like some sort of slave, locking me in the back room with a crap sewing machine until it was finished.

I really like the blue and yellow stripy fabric

We cut all the triangles out of leftover fabric scraps and a few shirts and pillowcases so it’s all recycled/reused, I ironed and hemmed the edges whils Amber cut out the numbers. We then used wonderweb to stick them onto the bunting.

Finished Bunting

Amber bought some bias binding this week and sewed them all together over the tops. Aren’t they pretty? Wouldn’t you LOVE them if you were a small child? This is the first of many ‘classroom crafts’, in fact I predict so many I’m creating a new category for them 🙂

Coming up in ‘classroom craft’:

  • Class name sign
  • Birthday train
  • Amber has requested I make her a ‘Miss Harwood’s Quiet Book’ similar to this – I may not have time for this but I shall aspire to it.

3 thoughts on “Teacher’s Bunting

  1. Hope you’re all having fun en france, I hear the weather is lovely.
    I’m a bit concerned that I might not be getting my Kim and Liz craft fix this week – can you both confirm that this will not be the case please.
    Many thanks x

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