Forced Finished Turtle

So I must admit that you were all right, it only took me the evening to finish it, I guess I should have just got on with it in the first place.

I gave him some embroidered blue eyes rather than buttons, if it were going to be for a baby (which it’s not!) I think that would be safer. I also like that it turned out a bit evil, that’s how it makes me feel.

It’s alright, but not great, not great at all. The shell is definitely too big, maybe I overstuffed it, the neck is too wobbly and the head is weird. Also not great photos as I took them indoors at night. Definitely for the ‘ugh’ pile.


6 thoughts on “Forced Finished Turtle

  1. Now then, after the mocking that Bec and I got for our rubbish knitted teddy bear things a couple of years ago I think I can rightly mock the master now! It looks as if the weight of his head is too much for his tiny body… Thud.

  2. It’s totally mega EVIL! And I say this – secure in the knowledge that a) you agree and b) that everything else you’ve ever knitted has been good – it’s lame.

    I don’t know why it’s lame, other than the evil eyes, it just looks really weird.

  3. Okay I’ve seen this ‘piece’ in the flesh tonight and can confirm that the head is too big for the body and is suffering from a flaccid neck (a problem with the pattern rather than the knitter I believe). In spite of this though I do quite like it, especially the evil eyes!

    Nell – oh I missed out on an opportunity to mock tonight, dammit.

  4. Definitely evil & there’s no way the head could ever go back inside the shell!
    I could probably sell it at our craft fair!

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