Worst Turtle Ever

My friend from school, Graham, and his wife are having a baby very soon, they have decided not to find out the sex of the baby (selfish, from my point of view) and so in order to knit them a gift I had to go for something unisex, booties are boring and fairly useless so I thought I’d go for a stuffed toy instead and found this cute little turtle on ravelry. He won’t take long, I thought…

So I knitted the main body fairly quickly, it’s a little head-heavy but this is how it looks in the picture too so I reserved my judgement…

I then knitted the shell top, (which I enjoyed), shell bottom and shell attachment panel, at this point I was already getting annoyed at the, in my opinion, over complication of the pattern. I knitted the legs and finally came to the sewing up.

Now when I had finished the shell pieces I had my misgivings, it looked way too big for the body but my gauge was right so I stuck with it. However, once I had stuffed the shell it looked absurd. Desperate and determined to finish it I continued with the crochet edging (!) and started on the icord attachment method for the bottom section. What a joke. Seriously it looked awful, just awful. I had to rip it back twice as  thought I was doing it wrong but it turns out it’s just pointless.

I’m not even sewing it up, the legs are too big too

There is no way I can give this as a gift for a dog let alone a small child, they would think I hated them, or worse, that I was crap at knitting. No, sadly this one will be retiring to the ‘ugh!’ pile. What a waste of my time.

PS Not that I’m blaming the pattern but I notice that it is the designer’s ‘first published pattern’ – I wonder if she published any more…


6 thoughts on “Worst Turtle Ever

  1. Nooooooo….don’t give up! I don’t think anything is wrong at all – go have a look at the ravelry project pages…um http://www.ravelry.com/projects/daboogeymanswife/sheldon has the shell next to the turtle, and it’s about the same size difference of yours – and look how cute it turned out once finished! Lots of people have mentioned the i-cord edging and have just sewn it up, so you could do that.

    But you can’t leave the little fella all in bits. Can’t, I tell you!

  2. Come on you’re nearly there – they way you described it me I thought it was going to look awful – but it doesn’t. GO ON FINISH IT KIMBERLY. If you finish it then I promise to try and sort out the bloody tea cosy I’ve been trying to do.

  3. Between your post and your reply to the first two comments, you have me in stitches laughing!

    How many times have we all brought a project to this point and nearly given up? So, yes, go ahead and finish it! Sounds as though either of your friends above would love it to pieces no matter how it turns out.

    If the shell pieces are really way too big – could you try shrinking them just a little?

    I can see why you were charmed by this little guy, Kimberly. Adorable. Sorry to have to add this but – finish!

  4. Ok I had to add this! My sweetie just spotted the turtle image as I was writing you and asked about it. After telling him your story, he said to tell you to finish it! He told me to also tell you he thinks it is very cool even though he has never been into toys – especially knitted stuffed ones!

  5. Mwahahaha – you have to love the power of internet blog comments 😀 I wonder what else we can demand you do?!

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