Breton Shortbread Cake

My mum recently bought a new book called ‘The Camping Cookbook’ with the idea that we might be able to come up with some new recipes for cub camp, where I make 6 meals a day for 30-40 people on an open fire. If you are also buying it for this purpose you will be disappointed. It IS however an excellent BBQ and picnic cook book, it comes in a handy wipe clean plastic case and contains delicious and easy recipes, seasonings and marinades, I tried the smothered french beans on Simon and Dad –  they were a hit.

It also has a good selection of things you can make in advance (in a decent kitchen) and take with you to any idyllic outdoor scene. This cake is one of them.

Now if you are on a diet or even remotely concerned about your waistline, seriously don’t bother, this cake contains: 7 egg yolks, caster sugar, icing sugar, a whole pat of butter plus half a jar of jam. Brilliant! I had a rather unfortunate accident as my oven broke as I was making this but I didn’t realise until it had been in the oven for THREE HOURS! Fortunately I have a double oven and 45 mins later it was done, what a nightmare. However, this did make it slightly more gooey on the inside than I imagine is usual and not as crispy on top as I would have liked but it tasted delicious (why wouldn’t it? See ingredients above).

This was my treat after Simon and I spent a mammoth Sunday spring cleaning the house, we needed to replenish those calories, and did, by about twentyfold.

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3 thoughts on “Breton Shortbread Cake

  1. I assume you’ll be bringing one of these to camp. probably a bit rich for the cubs, so we’ll have to eat it

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