Rainbow Ripple is Finally Finished

I do like the alliteration of that title.

It’s taken 5 months (thanks to Ravelry I’ve actually kept track!) and heaps more yarn than I originally envisioned but it’s so lovely. I decided to do the colours ‘randomly’ and I think it worked out pretty well, I read somewhere or someone told me to always know the next three colours you’re going to do (like the next three shots in snooker) which was good advice and I really enjoyed putting all the different colours together.

I also saw someone else had left yarn at either side of the blanket and left them as tassels which I really like the idea of (as I HATED sewing in those ends) but the general consensus was that this was lazy and would look rubbish, sigh.

This pattern is great because it’s so simple, you don’t have to pay attention or count or have the pattern with you, ideal for watching, tennis, detective dramas and the like. I have also inspired my friend who hasn’t crocheted for AGES to make one of these too, it’s addictive!

The blanket actually turned out smaller than I had in my head but it’s a perfect cot size so I just need a freshly born baby to appreciate it – any takers?


5 thoughts on “Rainbow Ripple is Finally Finished

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