What’s a girl to knit?

I’m a very spoilt girl, for my birthday my lovely friends Jai and David got me a liberty coin (a posh gift voucher), very exciting! They thought I would like to buy something crafty, they were right.

I have decided to knit myself an item of clothing, this is quite ambitious as I have yet to see a hand knitted jumper or cardigan (apart from on ravlery) which isn’t hideous, but I’m going to give it a go.

But I can’t decide, these are my shortlist:


The Olive, not massively exciting but a lovely shape and might be good to keep it simple, this would be lovely in a really soft wool and because it’s plain I would wear it a lot (assuming it;s not a complete disaster…)


An Ysolda pattern, I think this is really pretty but maybe not that practical, not sure what colours I would use either.

Soft Kid Bubble

Not strictly a jumper I know but if you look on ravelry at the completed projects it turns out really well, would look nice with opaque tights or leggings.


The Manu sweater, really cute and I like that I would get to choose pretty buttons too.

Wonder Woman!

Okay so I’m never going to make this but I LOVE it, she spent loads of time on this and it’s amazing – check out her ‘recipe’

So ‘vote now!’, I’m going to spend quite a lot of money and time on this, I probably won’t start it until autumn but I need to make sure I get the right yarn and psych myself up for it. Grrr!



10 thoughts on “What’s a girl to knit?

  1. I dont like the pink stripy one… I could just see you in the dress with leggings, but I LOVE the last one 🙂


  2. I really like Olive. Probably hundreds of stitches per row though – so you’ll need to be committed. talk to Amber about her top!

  3. It’s got to be olive or manu – the olive’s a bit more unusual but wonder if the neck should scoop a bit lower? Can you do this?!
    Good luck! x

  4. Love the Olive and Ysolda’s stripy jumper. The manu is sweet too.

    I’m afraid I think the bubble is hideous 😛 The downward pointy lace drags her bust down to “saggy”, while the skirt gives her that wonderful “child bearing hips” look…If I can redeem myself a little bit, the projects on ravelry where they’re left the hem loose, rather than gather it in are a lot more flattering. 🙂

    Enjoy your yarn splurge!

  5. I like the dress (shockingly enough) and the long cardigan…. i have an idea… why dont you make YOU the cardigan and then make ME the dress.



  6. I love the Olive but, because it is so plain, you would have to be careful to make sure your tension is very even and that you don’t split the wool at all (unless you go for a shaded? yarn or is it called random?).

  7. Okay so I think it’s got to be Olive or Manu, no idea how to decide, I’ll take a look at the patterns and see which one looks more fun to knit. Coffee and Cream has TOTALLY convinced me that the dress is awful, what was I thinking?!?! Thanks for the wake up call 🙂

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