Pair of Socks Number Two

More socks!

The whole reason I wanted to learn to knit socks was because my mum gave me this lovely soft silky sock wool that I’ve been dying to get onto my little toes, finally the task is complete.

cosy cosy

I’m really impressed because these made my dad say ‘ooh they’re nice, you can knit me a pair of them for golf’. Now I’m not saying my dad is fussy but he is well known for both his contempt for knitting and his hatred of what he terms ‘nitty’ items, knitted garments which are scratchy and itchy (regardless of the yarn used). And wanting them for golf no less, now that’s an honour. So the next pair will be his, although they will need to be much longer at the top (he has already specified this) and I am considering knitting elastic into the rib section as he does like a pulled up sock and I’m concerned they might not hold up for long enough and therefore become annoying and prematurely redundant.


I’ve really gotten used to just having these in my bag to get on with on long train journeys, boring waiting and any spare minutes to just knock a couple of rows out. It’s really great to have such portable knitting.


5 thoughts on “Pair of Socks Number Two

  1. DN1 – glad to see you have got the spec on my socks right. Love Dad. P.S. can I get them for the Autumn season?

  2. OK these are the coolest socks ever! Any chance you would share the pattern? They look like exactly the thing I need to make my first pair.

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