Kasia Skirt

I have been promising to make myself a new skirt for a while now but hadn’t quite found the right thing. I was thinking about making the Marie:

The Marie

Found on the fabulous Burda Style of course. I cut out the fabric and everything but i just can’t get that excited about it for some reason, maybe it’s the fabric I chose, maybe it’s the style, who knows?

Anyway I have since moved on due to the discovery of this little beauty – the Kasia:

If you follow the link you can see some other peoples projects, I think it looks best in a dark colour with a bright lining in the pockets, so I’m thinking I might make it in a navy blue with red polka dot contrasting fabric and cover the buttons in it too.

This is an intermediate pattern so it may take me some time but it’s apparently a ‘fall’ skirt so it might just be ready in time for autumn…


3 thoughts on “Kasia Skirt

  1. Pleats – to be avoided for the under 90s. Navy and red polka dots sounds ideal for you. Seriously playful.

  2. Hmm, interesting that you have recently ‘discovered’ the Kasia, when in fact, you have long promised to make me this skirt! It’s ok, I’ll have it for my birthday…x

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