Before and After – Bedroom!

As you may be aware Simon and I moved into our first house this January, so far we have done minimal DIY, putting pictures up, changing the toilet seat etc. However, our main project has been coming on it bits and bobs, our bedroom.

Now when we saw it before completion we had decided to rip out the two full walls of built in wardrobes the day we moved in but we didn’t realise what a complete shithole the bedroom was until we got there. Talk about disgusting, it was thick with dust, mould on the walls and a stained carpet, not to mention the peeling textured wallpaper, ugh! So we decided not to live in that room until it was re-done. My mum ripped out the wardrobes and carpet and Simon’s mum took off the wallpaper leaving us with a dirty shell.

Simon and I sanded, filled and washed the walls, ripped off the polystyrene ceiling tiles and had it basically ready to go. We also wanted to knock into the cupboard next to our room and have a walk in wardrobe, so we decided to get in a builder to do this for us. I got two doors off eBay for 99p each and they put the doors in for us.

The next step was a full weekend of DIY, my parents came up and we painted, put in new light fittings, laminate flooring, coving and the clothes rail. I painted the room in Dulux ‘potters clay 1′ and potters clay 2’, I love how warm they are.

I finished the painting and Simon put up the blinds this weekend and we moved in!


Small and dingy

Small and dingy


Spacious and cosy


Gross Dust


Pretty and clean


More built in cupboards and a tasteful colour choice


Simple and fresh


Filthy and mouldy


Cleansed. Physically and metaphorically.

Quite a transformation I think you’ll agree, we still have to finish putting the coving up and fit the skirting board but other than that we are done! Only the rest of the house to go…


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