A Quilt for Emily

E is for Emily

Beautiful Emily Jayne Millar was born on 2nd May at 18.37, 8lbs 7oz. She is the daughter of my oldest bestest friend Gareth and so I had decided a while back (as you may remember) to make her a quilt, only I didn’t know it was a ‘her’ at the time!

As this was going to take a while I decided to get the basic quilt finished and then add the monogram and do the actual quilting once the baby was born. I bought a gorgeous fat quarter pack in cute prints which were unisex enough to work either way from www.quilterscloth.co.uk, they don’t have it any more but they have a really good selection of kid and baby print fabrics, I still have at least half of it left over so I might make another elephant from it.

I did the main bit of the quilt in a weekend, I cut the pieces on the Friday night, sewed them together on the Saturday, and then put it all together on the Sunday. I have done this entirely on the machine which makes a massive difference, it really speeds up the piecing and makes it all nice and neat too, I’ve made it quite big so she can grow into it and use it as a quilt, play mat etc.

So having got a baby, and by extension a name, for this quilt, I made the letter ‘E’ and I realised I was going to have to sew it on by hand so the stitching didn’t show through on the other side, I ironed on some fusible interfacing and zig zagged the edges and carefully sewed it on, then on with the quilting.

This takes a LONG time, even on the machine, I didn’t want to mark the fabric so I pinned the lines of the quilt and tried to follow it by eye, I’m so so pleased with how it turned out, it’s really neat and pretty.

I hope she likes it, I am expecting photos from Gareth, unless she hates it and throws up on it, I’m aware that these things can be mutually exclusive in the case of a baby.

The full quilt


5 thoughts on “A Quilt for Emily

  1. Kimberly, its beautiful. You can always mark your lines with masking tape (I have a quarter of an inch roll)and follow down the side with the machine. Works well and as it is low tack it doesn’t mark the fabric.

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