My First Pair of Socks (kitchener-tastic)

Sock Symmetry

It’s taken a while (both in knitting and blogging) but I can finally show you the joyous socks. I REALLY enjoyed knitting these, so much fun, perfect for travelling – this pair saw me through train journeys to Bury St Edmunds and Nottingham, and got me some weird looks too.

Lizzy put me together a sock kit for my birthday after much moaning from me about wanting to ‘get into socks’, she can take a hint :), the kit included this lovely wool – Regia, design by Kaffee Fassett in Mystic Pool colourway, the colour changes are short and there is some patterning which I really enjoyed. I tried really hard to make them match exactly (apparently this is important) but failed miserably and, to be honest, it would probably be better if they were completely different rather than nearly the same making it obvious that i’m crap!

Me in my socks!

My kit also included a really good pattern, the closest I can find is online here, however, I must admit I was petrified about the dreaded kitchener stitch but a bit of internet research turned up at least two really helpful sets of instruction, use these bad boys and you can’t go wrong!

Stitch Diva Studios and Knitty

My beautiful kitchener

My beautiful kitchener - seam? What seam?

It’s safe to say I will certainly be keeping a pair of socks on the needles at all times so do expect a pair for Christmas/your birthday, all requests considered.


4 thoughts on “My First Pair of Socks (kitchener-tastic)

    • Thank you! I’m really excited about them – also found this on wikipedia:

      ‘In addition to his military work, Lord Kitchener contributed to efforts on the home front. The knitted sock patterns of the day used a seam up the toe, that could rub uncomfortably against the toes. Kitchener encouraged British and American women to knit for the war effort, and contributed a sock pattern featuring a new technique for a seamless join of the toe, still known as Kitchener stitch.’

      Love it!

  1. They look lovely. I bought some new sock wool at the weekend but I’m finishing another project before starting on a pair that were in twist collective…the Sweetgrass ones. Very exciting, the lace will probably drive me mad but i like a challenge. x

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