Fabric Projects

I haven’t blogged for ages, I’m sorry. I have had a very busy birthday, food poisoning and, to be honest, a lot of time spent in my lovely garden. However, this does not mean I haven’t done any craft or thought about craft, quite the opposite in fact.

So here are two projects I have got planned for the summer:

Number one, these gorgeous outdoor placemats

Place Mat Roll

You can buy them from fantastic Etsy shop Once Again but I’m definitely going to make some for some alfresco dining that won’t get spoiled by a light breeze!

My mum also sent me this, no idea where she saw it but it’s a must for the mythical craft room

Memo Board

These are surely just some painted picture frames (Ikea anyone?) with some Amy Butler fabric tacked on, genius!

I see both of these projects as a really good excuse to buy and  hoard use some more fabric, hurrah! Ikea have some really great prints at the moment:

I love these bold brights;

Geometricspretty printsStripes

And this whole range, all different fairytale, whimsical designs



One thought on “Fabric Projects

  1. I love the fairytake fabrics…I wanted to buy some when I was at Ikea last week but I couldn’t think of a reason for them. If only I had read your blog post then.

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