The BEST New Baby Gift

Harwood's Quiet Book

Recently lots of people seem to be having babies, thinking about having babies, substituting their urge for a baby with a pet etc and I have been trying to think of more interesting, longer lasting presents I can make rather than resorting to a pair of booties.

Then I remembered all the amazing things my parents friends made for us when we were little, here is the first of many handmade masterpeices.

The Harwood’s Quiet Book

Now you’re probably thinking (especially if you know me and/or my siblings) that this is an extremely promising title, and it really can deliver! My mum’s friend at Girl Scouts made this for us and it has been much loved and passed many a rainy day. I am planning to make one in the coming months so take a peek at what the finished article should look like.


I love the vintage fabric she used for the mitten and the trees.

Ladybirds and washing line

Clown and shapes

We seem to have lost the clown’s nose but other than that the loose pieces have miraculously all stayed put in the book.

Balloons and buckle

Look a the cute baseball pitcher in his stripy suit.

Flowers and birthday cake

I was always disappointed that there were only 5 candles so maybe I’ll do more


Pretty ribbon


Now I know why I save all those buttons!

Cat and football

Obviously I would have a shoe to lace rather than an American football but the rainbow lace is brilliant

Braid and clock

I was never very good at telling the time, this should have helped. It didn’t, I always preferred to braid the pretty girl’s hair.


All in all I think this is pretty much the best baby gift you can get, what do you think? Anything you would add?

So now I need to go and buy a shit load of needlecord and felt, a selection of ‘notions’ and i’m going to rifle through mine and my mum’s fabric stash for everything else. It’s going to be a mammoth project but it will be worth it if someone else’s children love it as much as we did.


6 thoughts on “The BEST New Baby Gift

  1. The best thing about making one of these is that you can use all those random stitches on your sewing machine that you normally have no use for at all.

    I might make one for mark for when we go on holiday, he’s no good at entertaining himself.

  2. This is one of the nicest things I have seen in ages. Go for it girl – if you start now it might be finished in time for my grand-children!

  3. How did I ever miss this post?

    OMG This is hands down the coolest book for children I have ever, ever, ever seen! I would have so been making them for my own children if I had known about them.

    LOVE this!

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