Hot Cross Buns

I’m not sure if my mum remembers this but when I was about 14/15 years old I came home to find she had bought two huge packets of hot cross buns (Asda did packs of 24 at the time), I proceeded to devour the lot in the hour or so between getting home from school and her returning from work, yes that’s right 48 hot cross buns, YUM! I was recently telling a friend about this who asked if my mum had gone mental but to be honest I don’t remember that she did as I’m sure could have done the same, we are both massive hot cross bun addicts.

This recipe is from the Sainsbury’s magazine, it’s really not difficult to make these, it just takes patience, although they suggested making pastry and rolling it out to make the crosses, clearly that would look shit so I found another recipe that tells you to make a sort of flour paste and pipe it over the buns which looks way better. I also made a marmalade glaze which is sticky and delicious.

These are just scrumptious when they first come out of the oven and the day you make them they are irresistible but even a day later they start to get stale, not by much, but they are so much better fresh. Clearly this isn’t an issue for me as I can put away a whole batch in a matter of hours.


4 thoughts on “Hot Cross Buns

  1. I was going to make these last year and time got away from me! Thank you so much for the reminder! I dearly love hot cross buns. And yours look sooooooo yummy.

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