Baby Quilt

You might think it’s a bit ambitious to knock up a whole quilt in a couple for weeks but I disagree, I have been meaning to start this for ages but just haven’t gotten around to it. My very good friend Gareth is going ot be a dad in the next few weeks and I promised I would make him/her a quilt. Yes, that’s right: ‘him/her’, selfishly they have chosen not to know the gender of their child making it much more difficult for me to craft appropriately, but I struggle on…

Anyway I decided a while ago on the advice of Lizzy to make a quilt based on a patchwork trimmed blanket from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. This is made using a peice of fleece blanket with a patchwork edge and an appliqued letter for the baby’s first name.

Weekend Sewing Blanket

I really want to make a cot quilt so I’m going to just make a plain white quilt filled with cotton wadding and do a rainbow patchwork edge and then run a very straightforward criss-cross patchwork on my machine. Obviously I won’t be able to do the letter until the baby is born anyway but I’m fairly confident I can put this together in a week or so. The most time consuming thing so far is the lack of good online patchwork shops. I just want to be able to buy everything I need in one place, is that so much to ask?


2 thoughts on “Baby Quilt

  1. Goodness I to am gonna attempt my first ever little quilt…… our Tom and his girlfriend Sammie will be having their first baby in July 🙂 – yep, Toms to be a dad…. they know they are having a boy and are calling it Reggie after my father… he will officially be named Reginald Thomas James Willers 🙂


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