Horseshoe Hottie

What a hottie!

I made this for the lovely Lizzy for her birthday (although it was very late). I started this just after christmas and based it on this pattern from Yarnagogo via ravlery. I modifyied it heavily as I really wanted a horseshoe cable and wide stripes in autumnal colours. I had actually planned to do an inside out horseshoe at first but I like this better.

I started on the neck in rib as per the pattern but realised this was going to look crap with this cable so I unpicked and finished in pattern and sewed up the top. If I had realised I was going to do this I might have stared from the bottom differently but then I might not have been able to knit it in the round and I really think that makes it look so much neater.

I used lovely soft cozy Rooster Almerino Aran which I hope will make it great to snuggle up with on a siberian winters night in London.

If you would like to make this as I have done I have added my version below:

Horseshoe Hottie Pattern


Size 4.5mm dpns

½ skein of each of 3 colours of aran weight  yarn

Small (1l) hot water bottle

4 poppers


With colour 1 cast on 52 sts and join to work in the round. Place a marker at beginning of round and after 26 sts to mark sides.

Round 1: * K1f&b, knit to 1 st before marker, k1f&b, slip marker; repeat from * once – 4 sts increased.

Rounds 2-4: Repeat Round 1 – 68 sts at end of Round 4.

Start Pattern:

1: K11 P2 K8 P2 K11 marker k34

2: K11 Purl 2, CB2B, CB2F, purl 2, k11 marker k34

3: K11 P2 K8 P2 K11 marker k34

4: K11 P2 K8 P2 K11 marker k34

5: K11 P2 K8 P2 K11 marker k34

6: K11 P2 K8 P2 K11 marker k34

7: K11 P2 K8 P2 K11 marker k34

8: K11 P2 K8 P2 K11 marker k34

Change colour now, and then again after each 8 pattern block

Repeat pattern for 6 pattern blocks.


Decrease Round: * Work to 3 sts before marker, k2tog, k1, slip marker, k1, ssk; repeat from * once – 4 sts decreased.

Maintaining cable pattern, repeat Decrease Round three more times – 52 sts remain.

Complete pattern block (with reduced stitches)

Knit one more pattern block with reduced stitches.

Cast off


Sew up at top and weave in loose ends. Sew on poppers along bottom edge and block.


2 thoughts on “Horseshoe Hottie

  1. I love my tea cosy. It’s so cute and warm. Going skiing and the weekend and I think I’ll take it with me! Thanks Kimberly you’re a star. x

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