Bluebell Baby Hat

Pink Bluebell

Isn’t this just adorable? I’m hoping it will increase baby squee* by up to 50%

This is a gift for Simon’s Mum’s Friend’s Granddaughter (currently ‘bump’), Simon’s mum asked me to make something but left the choice up to me and rather than knock out another pair of booties (yawn) I thought I would try out this über cute pattern from Crafts Beautiful (via Ravelry of course!), you have to sign up to get the free pattern but I think that’s fair enough.

This is really easy to knit and took no time at all, I liked that I learnt a new technique – how to knit an icord – for the stem, which was easy but good to be trying new things. I didn’t buy an extra pale pink colour for the four rows before the stem for obvious reasons and it’s a bit annoying that you only use a tiny amount of the cream and green but I’ll just have to use it up on more booties…

I used this gorgeous Rico Design Baby Classic yarn which is super soft and comes in great colours and only £2 a skein from bargain!

It’s so cute, I can’t wait to see it on, I’ll have to make sure I get some photos.

round and cute

*The high pitched wordless noise produced when something is so cute you can barely contain yourself. E.g. ‘OMG look at that gorgeous fluffy puppy snuggled under a blanket with an equally cute and tiny kitten, squee squee’


6 thoughts on “Bluebell Baby Hat

  1. That is gorgeous the yarn looks lovely too – she will look adorable – would like one for myself but not sure if I would get the squee factor ?!

  2. Oh Kimberly that is gorgeous, thank you so very much. The baby was due yesterday but I haven’t heard yet whether she has arrived.

  3. Thats just to cute for words……. I think I might knit one but in egg plant colour yarn then it would be great for a boy 🙂


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