Birthday Cake

Orange and White Chocolate Cake

I was asked this week if I could make a Birthday Cake for Lizzy, ‘of course I can, no problem’ say I. So Friday evening saw me settling down to some cake making, I decided to make something sophisticated and light, perfect for a Birthday lunch, a dreamy Orange and White Chocolate Sponge, recipe from BBC Good Food. After 30 mins zesting the oranges I made the cakes and put them in the oven only to discover I had forgotten to add two ingredients. Bollocks.

Much swearing and tantrum throwing ensued and eventually I decided to remake the cakes and sent Simon to the shop for more ingredients. The time was now about  20.30. Simon accidentally got satsumas rather than oranges so I went out to the shop too. I remade the cakes and they looked delicious. Hurrah! I left them to cool whilst we had dinner and watched Lost and then went back for more punishment in the form of the icing.

First up, ‘whisk the crème fraiche until thick’, this was always going to be a hurdle due to my lack of electric whisk but Simon and I valiantly attempted to get it to hold a shape, to no avail. I lost my temper and chucked in the white chocolate and a load of icing sugar to compensate. It looked bloody awful and was extremely runny, not the fluffy mixture I was hoping to spread onto the cakes so I poured it over the initial ‘failure’ cakes. At least it’s complete in it’s shitness. It might taste okay, I’ll test it out on my colleagues on Monday and let you know.

The 'bad' cake

I texted Rebecca to see if I could borrow her electric whisk the next day and went to bed, time now around 00.30.

Having picked up Rebecca’s whisk, some more creme fraiche and white chocolate I started ‘Icing, round 2’ at about 11.30, the creme fraiche would not get thick, bugger bugger bugger. I rang my mum who said ‘oh I don’t know if you can whip creme fraiche’, a quick check of the pot confirmed her suspicions.

So much swearing and tantrum throwing ensued and Simon went to the shop as much to escape as to get me some really thick double cream. We whipped that up no problem and bunged in the white chocolate and, joy of joys, I finally had some passable icing, only 17 hours later.

More Cake

The restaurant were really good, put it on a nice cake stand, dusted it with icing sugar and decorated it with some fruit and the candle I gave them so it looked way better than before. It tasted alright too and Lizzy liked it – which was the main thing 🙂

BIrthday Girl!

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Cake

  1. Gah! Don’t you hate it when you try a new recipe and it just doesn’t seem to work? Thanks for sharing this saga with us Kimberley – we’ve all been there! Jules x

  2. Well done! I applaud a valiant effort. Cake making is something seen to many as something anyone can do. It is true but it’s like anything it takes practice, patients and the right ingredients to be good! I’m always there if you need me but keep up the good work it looks great! Off to check out the recipe…!

    • Thanks Abi – And I will definitely be taking you up on the advice offer. I think I’m just bad with icing generally, the baking bit is fine (mostly) I only ever struggle when I have to ice a cake!

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