Haiti Bake Off

A while ago we held an extremely competitive ‘Cheesecake Off’ in my office, this was much enjoyed by all our cake-loving colleagues. So we decided to turn this into a profit making outfit and donate the proceeds to the Haiti appeal via Oxfam so we embarked on a super-bake-off!

There are only about 30 peple in our office and I had 13 volunteer bakers so we decided to throw the doors open to the other organisations we share the offices with – the list of options were:

Carrot Cake Muffins
Marble Cake
Giant Jaffa Cake
Chocolate Sandwich with rainbow sprinkles (definitly the most popular)
Gypsy Creams
Sausage Rolls
Billionaire Shortbread
Honey chocolate cake
Chocolate and toffee cookies

Very exciting! There were over 200 peices of cake which we sold for £1 per slice and many of us felt sick by the end of the day, some people ate up to 10 peices, all in the name of charity!

I made the Gypsy Creams (Sainsbury’s magazine but found the recipe here) and Brownies (Nigella obviously!) above, Clair (of Elephant Face Cake fame) made a giant Jaffa Cake inspired by the excellent website www.pimpthatsnack.com, it was a triumph:

Here is a final (badly photographed) shot of our sale in action. You will be pleased to learn that we made


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4 thoughts on “Haiti Bake Off

  1. Well done everyone!! I think my favourite were the gypsy creams – they taste the same as the cookies I used to eat at school. Which were AMAZING.

  2. I’m with your mum – when the page opened I thought it was an image of the re-building work going on in Haiti (think blockwork walls). I’ll take my inappropriateness elsewhere now anyway…good work. Now I want a sausage roll, thank you x

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