Chunky Cable Mitts


I love how chunky and cosy these mittens are, the horseshoe cable on the back makes you feel warmer somehow. I used Rowan Cocoon which is so soft and I love the colour, just slightly marled and will look really good with my red coat. It’s pretty good value as well: £7 for 100g.

Palm of mittens

These were inspired by the mittens some girl wears in the Twilight film(s), (pattern kindly available FREE on Subliminal Rabbit) I haven’t seen the films but fucking hell, I must be the only person who made these who hasn’t. People are obsessed with it!
But fair enough, it’s an excellent pattern, I may have complained about the complicated decreases at the wrist (not difficult but I like simplicity normally) but I will concede that they make a big difference and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. I made a couple of mistakes, irritatingly on the plain knit palm, purely because I’m not used to knitting on dpns and I could really have done with adding an extra cm or two to the top and thumb to fit my massive man hands but they are stretchy enough for it not to matter.

In fact that might have been solved by using a size bigger needles but I’ll try that next time, I’ll definitely make these for people next Christmas, get your orders in now!

Ooh also notice the lovely garden I am standing in, that’s mine you know 🙂


4 thoughts on “Chunky Cable Mitts

  1. What’s the post in your hands? I haven’t seen the film either…but Kathryn is slightly obsessed with the books so maybe I should make some for her.

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