Elephant Face Cake!

Hello Craft fans! A guest blog here from Kimberly’s work colleague Clair Walker. I am not really a crafty person but by GOSH do I like food.  After a few drinks at the pub, I came home one night and entered into discussions about the type of birthday cake that was going to be prepared for my little half sister’s birthday party. I am somewhat competitive and was immediately riled by stories of ‘dinosaur’ and ‘peppa pig’ cakes on the party circuit and I was not going to let my little half sister become the laughing stock of Lewes birthday cake legend. Not on my watch. I think this all stems from my mother making me goddam amazing Roland Rat cakes in the 80’s and feel this is a tradition that cannot be allowed to die.

Anyway – the cake…Her favourite animal is elephants…amazingly there was a template on the internet so I was all set! It was simple enough….I found a recipe for plain chocolate cake and used 2 similar sized springform tins (21cm approx).

Raw cake

Raw cake

My friend Nas helped me with the preparations – a serious cake baker who kept me on the straight and narrow – sticking to the recipe and preventing any potentially damaging Clair Walker style improvisation. I left them to cool….. and then comes the TRICKY BIT.

Cooked cake

Cooked Cake! Thanks to Nas for helping me not ruin it at this early stage



The Pattern off of the Internet

The template as you can see requires some planning. One cut in the wrong place and your elephant cake could be FUCKED. I went for the ‘tusk’ option for more authenticity. My other sister Nina pointed out that she is the ‘arty’ one and would be more efficient at the crucial stage of cutting the shape of the elephant. She was right…I would have ballsed it up.


Nina - the 'arty sister' cutting the cake

You then arrange in the shape you desire. BEWARE cake fans, the elephant cake can look phallic if not done correctly so make sure that you arrange the pieces in an appropriate manner for your intended audience.

face shape

Can you guess what it is yet????


I used a simple buttercream icing and used black food colouring to make it grey – it had a slight purple tinge which I felt worked well in this instance. We needed a lot of the stuff. For the tusks, and eyes, I used ready rolled icing for neatness but you don’t have to.


Icing and Eyes in place...you will need a lot of icing!

I had icing pen for the pupils and as a finishing touch, the mini smarties to demonstrate that the Elephant was of Indian origin and not African. Anyone who didn’t get that was STUPID.


TA DAH!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Elephant Face Cake!

  1. This reminds me of the cake designs they used to have in Prima and Family Circle in the 80’s, brilliant. I really hope the birthday girl appreciated this, it is an outstanding piece of work!

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