Mini Elephant

Well it’s not that mini, it’s bigger than I thought it would be but I could definitely scale it down. This was from Last Minute Patchwork Gifts which I got for Christmas, there are a lot of ‘last minute’ quilts in there which use too much fabric to really be a quick project but it’s very pretty and some good ideas (which certainly won’t be the mammoth project my quilt has become!).

Anyway this little baby is so cute, I knocked him up on Saturday when I should have been stripping wallpaper.

The instructions dictate that you sew together the body, stuff it and then sew on the ears, eyes and blanket, I can’t help thinking  that it would have been easier to sew on the eyes and ears BEFORE you completed the body so I’ll do that next time.

I used a leftover pillow case my mum gave me as the main fabric and the blanket is from scraps of William Morris Golden Lily linen. The detail really makes this though, the little tail plaited from wool and the gathered trunk are adorable, turning down the ears helps them to be big and flappy rather than just hanging next to his head and the blanket on his back gives you a chance to play with your fabric combinations. Quite frankly I think this is too good for a baby but if someone has a really cute one I could be persuaded otherwise.

Sadly this littl’un doesn’t yet have a name, can you help? *wipes tear from eye*

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7 thoughts on “Mini Elephant

  1. Thanks Jules, he was really fun to make, the book has lots of quilts in and assumes you have bolts of various fabrics knocking around but still a really good buy 🙂

  2. Oh now he is real cute – good job 🙂

    but please, please tell me your mum didnt use to have yellow and white striped bed linen lol


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