The Simon Hat

This was made for a very cold boyfriend!

This is my first crafted gift to Simon and also my first attempt at knitting in the round. You might think that would be a bad idea, he could easily lose all respect for knitting (which he thinks is pointless anyway) and by extension my crafting skills. But I ploughed ahead anyway.

This was a cobbled together effort, the pattern was recommended to me by Lizzy who also gave me the wool (which is a good boy colour and really soft) and I borrowed the dpns from my sister. The pattern is really simple and easy to follow but looks excellent on your favourite boyfriend.

Simon is utterly obsessed with it, he has been wearing it in the house, cooking dinner, even in bed (which was weird) so we have agreed I’ll make him some in other colours to match varying outfits.


2 thoughts on “The Simon Hat

  1. Brilliant 🙂 ya mum sent me the link to your blog and Ive scrolled right back to the beginning and read the lot….. and I’ve LOVED it…


  2. I feel I have to respond to many points raised here.

    Firstly, you have crafted gifts for me before (iPhone sock?) – but I’ll concede that this is my favourite!

    I don’t think knitting is necessarily pointless; rather it’s a problem that’s long been solved (industrial revolution, anyone?) and I don’t think that (generally) hand knitting things results in a better product. It certainly involves more effort, though.

    I’m glad that you chose a ‘good boy’ colour. I am a good boy, aren’t I?!

    I’ve been wearing it at work, too, and I’m not going to apologise.

    Lastly – if I’m your favourite boyfriend… who are the non-favourite ones? Hmm?!

    Brilliant gift though – I do indeed love it.

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