Homemade gifts for me!

Okay I promise this is my last even remotely Christmas related post but I thought you might like to see the homemade presents my talented friends made for me.

My Favourite Present

My extremely clever friend Liz managed to make all her friends and family presents this Christmas, which, quite frankly is a massive undertaking, she is a better person than I. My present was this incredible sewing tidy:

It’s so pretty, I love all the different fabrics and it’s so practical. It’s been in constant use since the day after it’s arrival, it’s got lots of different size pockets for my pencil, seam ripper, scissors, crochet hook etc and I love the little bag that buttons on to keep my patchwork blocks and tape measure in, and the white strip is made of felt to use as a pincushion so I don’t stuff the sofa full of them.


I love chutney. Chutney and cheese and leftover meat, mmmmmm. Knowing this my lovely friends made me these little beauties.

From the left, Liz’s Spicy Tomato Chutney, excellent with mature cheddar and leftover turkey; Liz’s Paradise Chutney, really good with ham and Nell’s Spiced Beetroot Chutney which not only smells like Christmas in a jar but is fantastic with a bit of brie. Oh god my mouth is watering just thinking about them, I feel a late night cheese platter coming on…

Self Gifting

As well as entering my cake stand in the Folksy Upcycle project I also bought myself an item from the sale – it’s all for charity after all! This si my beautiful wine bottle candleabra. It’s made from the arm of a baby’s high chair and has the screw top of the wine bottle cleverly set into the wood so you can screw it onto any bottle you like. We used it for the first time on NYE.

Maker: Loglike


2 thoughts on “Homemade gifts for me!

  1. Ah, look at my chutney, all grown up and making its own way in the world… I should add that Chris made it with me though so I can only take 50% of the credit!

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