Crochet Hats

I have neglected my yarn craft of late, and I have also built up a fairly decent stash of yarn due to a knitted christmas prezzie panic (more of that in a later post). I decided to remedy this by a browse on Ravelry, I am completely obsessed with how great it is, especially the search functionality, I spent half an hour showing Simon how amazing it is – anyway, after my wonder subsided I eventually found two gorgeous hats that I decided to try.

Puff Stitch Beret

I think this is beautiful. The original pattern has a bow on it but I just don’t think you need it, it’s really delicate and feminine. I had problems with the sizing on this, as had many other people before me.The original pattern suggests a 4mm hook but most people complained it came out too big so someone had said a 3.5mm hook worked perfectly, I used a 3.5mm hook and my hat is slightly too small but just about wearable.

It would have been far far to small if I hadn’t edited the pattern as I went along, I added two extra rows after row 13 before moving onto the next step and I doubled the width of the brim to give it a more beret-like shape.

It’s a really pretty stitch so I’ll have to find another pattern to use it on, I’m thinking a baby project would be ideal.

Pebble Crochet Beret

This pattern was really fun and I love the effect, I used a half double crochet for the brim though as I just think it’s prettier. However, once again the sizing really didn’t work for me, it’s way way too small and I used the larger size pattern, it’s the depth mainly, you would have to have a really flat head for this to fit. I think I will make it again but do another 3 or 4 rows before the decrease. I will also do a thicker brim so it has more purchase. It’s not a great photo but I can’t show it to you on as it doesn’t fit 🙂


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