More Christmas Goodies

Okay okay, it’s a bit late for this now but you’ll like it I promise.

For two full days before Christmas my mum and I were ‘craft-core’! Please find a selection of our fantastic creations below:

Chocolate chip cookie kit

We made these for our neighbours children, we almost certainly had more fun making them than they’ll have making the cookies but they look so pretty. Ribbon and cookie cutters and mini rolling pin to accessorise.

White Chocolate Sweeties

Another brilliant Waitrose recipe, the combination of cranberries, pistachios, almonds and white chocolate is heavenly! Fortunately there are lots of end bits to nibble on when you cut them out 🙂

Christmas Crackers

We fudged this to be honest as my mum hadn’t bought enough kits for everyone coming on Christmas day and we left making them until absolutely the last minute (Christmas Eve at about 22.00) so they are a little odd but I really like the matt green paper we used and of course they are made infinitely better by the personalised presents that my mother HAD thought about and bought beforehand.


I wasn’t really involved in these but my mum has spent the last six months preparing and making from scratch everything to go into hampers she gave to most of her friends. They contain some or all of: Jam, chutney, herb scented olive oil, christmas puddings, cassis, truffles all in baskets with cute little labels and wrapped in ribbon tied cellophane, beautiful! Disappointingly no photo for these but you can imagine their beauty.


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