Crocheted Stash Basket

Is there anything better than a craft project to beget craft projects? If there is I don’t want to know about it.


This is an excellent one, My wool stash currently resides in numerous knitting bags, none large enough and I can’t ever find what I want in the bottom of them. This will solve all my problems, when I eventually get around to buying yet more wool to create it. And, no, I cannot use any of the wool I currently have stashed. If you have to ask you wouldn’t understand.

I found it on the beautiful, fantastic, amazing Purl Bee blog, one day I might create something half as stunning as anything they have effortlessly fashioned… *jealous sigh*

I decided to make this for my mum for Christmas, it was really fun to crochet once I got past the base (which was very dull but necessary) and crocheted up really quickly. Obviously it was also very easy as this is only the 2nd or 3rd thing I’ve ever crocheted, quite impressive I think (even if I do say so myself :D).

Artesano Aran

I used an Artesano 50% alpaca 50% wool aran yarn, rather than the silk they suggest (VERY expensive) it only took about 150g – excellent value.

Anyway, here it is:

I’ll definitely make myself one of these and it may well be added to my staple presents list as something I can knock out quickly but beautifully.


One thought on “Crocheted Stash Basket

  1. I love this blog Kimbo – it even makes me want to attempt some craft (although i am sure this desire will pass quickly!)

    Keep up the super work and bring in some of your yummy treats to work and feed me!

    Sarah xxx

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