New Year, New Logo, New Look

I hope you like the ‘new look’ blog, I’m VERY excited about it :D. Massive thanks, appreciation and love to Simon for spending so much time getting it just how I wanted it.

The Bunting Logo:
This really has taken a lot of effort, believe it or not. I decided I wanted ice creamy colours and theming ages ago, so I created a palette which we used to make the spotty background. This was inspired by a blouse I bought in a charity shop – horrible shape but really pretty material. Then I needed a logo of some sort so I had a play around.

The first logo was an ice cream and looked like this:


I stuffed the fabric and quilted it on the machine. I like the overall effect but it wasn’t quite right…

So I tried this instead, pretty pastel balls of wool in an ice cream cone:

wool with ice cream cone

With some quick photoshopping it looks okay but it was a bit boring and I still needed to sort the text out for the title. I found the most perfect font on Hand Made Fonts, it looks just like ice cream cone, but it costs £70 which is a bit of a stretch for my shoddy blog, sadly.

Picture 8

But constraints breed creativity and eventually after much procrastinating I changed tack and decided on the bunting you see above. It took me ages, deciding on the fabric (mostly offcuts from my mum’s stash), cutting it all out perfectly, appliquéing the letters on and them forcing Simon to photo it, photoshop it, and then messing about with everything else.
I’ve also made some changes to the details, like side bars, adding my Etsy faves and recent comments, but have a look around and let me know what you think. Not that I give a shit, I love it!


The geeky bit:

Simon has spent about 6 months working on this,in fact he was two days late on his end of year deadline! he has had to teach himself many different programmes to make it work so if you find that something doesn’t work or is ‘buggy’ please let me know so I can get it fixed, it’s supposed to be better after all 😉

Oh and happy 2010!


7 thoughts on “New Year, New Logo, New Look

  1. I’d like to add that I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs for 6 months; I’ve done a couple of previous versions but neither really hit the mark. It’s tricky to integrate a detailed photo with a nice design but I’m pretty pleased with it. And it’s always hard working to no real deadline with various other pressures (full time job, full time girlfriend).

  2. I’m loving the s-w-e-e-t bit of drop shadow right at the top left. And the bunting. And the tape measure. And the buttons… Top job 🙂

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