New Year Giveaway!

I am a very spoilt girl, so spoilt that I was given a copy of the beautiful Lost Crafts by Una McGovern for both my birthday and again for Christmas. However it means you too could be spoilt, all you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post – preferably about something on my blog – and I will pick a lucky winner at random to receive its crafty goodness. Closing date and winner picking is midday on 15th January

The book is really stunning, gorgeous colour illustrations of crafts for everyday (well if you live on a farm – if not then maybe crafts ‘not for everyday’) – jam and cider making, smoking meat, skinning rabbits, foraging for wild food, dry stone walling (one for you Ange), making clogs and stained glass windows to name but a few. I must admit I’m unlikely to make a coracle but it’s really inspirational with both practical instruction as well as the social history of the crafts included.

Have a look inside and see what other people say on Amazon but if you read this blog you’d be mad not to want a copy.

Good luck!


9 thoughts on “New Year Giveaway!

  1. I love this new design. Some wonderful enhancements would be:

    1. Drag to share so we can broadcast your posts more easily on Facebook.
    2. Lightbox plugin so you can zoom the pics from thumbnail.
    3. Flickr widget so you can post to a LS flickr account and show pics directly on the blog
    4. A Last FM widget so we can listen to your music
    5. Random quotes with neat little belles lettres from Mrs Beeton, Fanny Craddock, Quentin Crisp et al.
    6. More pics of you, cherie

    Well done. Lovely blog.

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