Chocolate Yule Log

For some reason I decided I wanted to make a chocolate yule log this year, no particular reason, I just fancied it. It was totally worth it, it looked so damn impressive on our Christmas evening buffet table and everyone’s mouths were watering with anticipation.

For once I did not rely on my mentor Nigella, rather, I found the recipe at Waitrose, it’s perfect. Really clear and easy to follow with good tips on making sure you get each step right, I’ve even written it in my recipe book for future reference and I’ll definitely be making it again.

The basics of this are that you cook a flat sponge cake and then roll it up to cool so it doesn’t crack, unroll add the filling (which contained puréed chestnut so it was really rich and nutty) re-roll and ice, done!

The decorating is the most important bit, I especially like the cutting up and reassembling to get the ‘log’ shape, the classic icing is achieved really easily with just a spatula and fork, (don’t forget to add some knots into your log for a more ‘realistic’ look) but what really sets it off is the dusting with icing sugar, I added a bit of plastic holly that came from a cheap Christmas cake to finish.

To be honest this is really rich, and could do with some sort of berry or cream to cut through the immense chocolate overload but it’s ideal for Christmas and everyone will think you are a domestic goddess for creating something so brilliant. And you are.

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