Tea Cup Pin Cushion – the finished product

I finally made one of these for my friend Lizzy for Christmas, after all my posturing earlier in the year. It was actually really fun, especially the matching of fabrics to teacups, very important! I had a beautiful Amy Butler fat quarter that I bought on a whim and had been ‘saving’ for a special project, obviously I hadn’t anything specific in mind.

So as per my previous post I followed the instructions from the Living Creatively pin cushion tutorial. I really like the effect, but it must take quite a lot of practice to get both sides really neat, obviously this wasn’t a problem as one side has a button on and the other was going inside the cup. To make sure it was exactly the right size I drew around the cup rim and then cut 1cm extra from there.

The pin cushion didn’t fill the cup to the top so I stuffed the bottom with a metal scrubber and some more toy stuffing and then super-glued the pin cushion inside the rim of the cup.

I love it, definitely going to make some more of these!

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