Felt Dala Horse

Another tutorial I found on the excellent Gingerbread Snowflakes blog and it gave me an entire hungover afternoon’s joy. I started out thinking ‘ooh they’re nice, have to make some of those next year’ and then I thought, ‘hang on a bastard minute, I’ve got felt, and wool, and I don’t have to make it in exactly the same way, I can totally make this today’, and I did. Thought you might enjoy a little trip into the mind of me.

For the first one I used some felt I had made from some old cardigans and rather than felt the decorations on I embroidered the pattern using chain stitch with bits of leftover wool. I did it freehand rather than following a pattern but it turned out pretty good I think.The red one I made with synthetic felt and appliquéd the various bits on.

Dala Horses are a traditional Swedish handicraft, if you’re interested this website is all about Dala Horses – www.dalahorse.com

I made one for my sister because she just loves horses, loves them I tell you!

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4 thoughts on “Felt Dala Horse

  1. Thank you so much, Kimberly, for linking to my Dala Horse post! I am delighted you had so much fun making your horses! I still have a red and white Dala I need to rescue from the Land of Unmade Ornaments! I love the way your red one turned out!

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