Quilted Christmas Stars

Simple Hexagon Squares

I found this free pattern on kiwiquilts and it’s so simple I had to make some, also it necessitated buying some Christmas fabric so that made me happy.

The pattern is made using just two hexagons, I don’t have a hexagon template but I DO have a quilting  ruler I got for my birthday, with which one can make any shape in the world! Well IT can, but I can’t, because basically using that ruler is not craft, it’s maths – I’m crap at maths. So after much tantrum throwing and swearing Simon took over with his superior scientific mind and made the templates for me – he actually got quite excited by how ‘clever’ the ruler was :). If you are going to make your own templates for these it’s worth noting that the size of the hexagon is based on the distance between the opposite corners. The distance between ‘A’ and ‘D’:

I.e. the distance between A and D

I also put quite a bit of padding in mine, and I didn’t have any wadding so I just used normal toy stuffing, to make it look chubbier.

So after all the fucking about with the templates they literally took about 5 mins to make and they look good! A perfect stocking filler prezzie or something for a random family member who will appreciate the effort more than chocolates or toiletries. My boss loved hers (although she wasn’t supposed to open it before Christmas!)

AMongst the Poinsietta

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