Folksy Upcycle Project – update

I came runner up!

Cake Stand

Check out all the winners and runner ups here

Most Innovative Piece as chosen by Wayne Hemingway:

Christmas Cake Stand by Lickety Split Craft

Wayne Hemingway MBE, who’s been at the forefront of British design for yonks, initially with Red or Dead and now moving into architecture and built environment (inc. sheds!). He was also instrumental in educating all of us daily with his slot on The Big Breakfast.

If you want to bid on it you can do so on ebay and all the money for all the items goes to Sue Ryder Care so it’s well worth it, there are some really beautiful things that people have made as well as great stocking fillers and novelty items.

upcycle-logo-folksyQuick update

This is the feedback from the person who bought my cake stand:


8 thoughts on “Folksy Upcycle Project – update

  1. how gay is that pic of my sister! congrats Kim, I am whey whay impressed, indorsed by mr hemmingway – you can die happy now

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