Crochet Snowflakes


It’s December so I’m officially allowed to get excited about Christmas, I’ve had a go at making these a couple of times but either my crocheting is shit or the patterns were… I’ll assume it was the patterns.

So I found this pattern on the Patons website, it’s free but you have to sign up for an account – they have quite a few free patterns so I figured it’s worth it. It has three different patterns for snowflakes, they each took me a couple of hours to make and the patterns are easy to follow, especially in comparison to the other ones I tried and then ripped of the hook.

My mum made some out of gold and silver thread too which look really good, she’s planning to make them into Christmas cards.

When they were finished I flattened them out and starched them, sadly we don’t have room for a tree so they’ll have to go on the palm tree instead

Too many points (should have been 6)Flowery oneUneven one


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