Simple Bootees and Scratch Mitts

Simple Booties and Scratch Mitts

Simple Booties and Scratch Mitts

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was baby bootie week her at Likety Split. I’ve decided that December/end of November is an incredibly inconvenient time to have a baby if you want to receive handmade gifts as everyone is busy making Christmas stuff.

Anyway here’s a pair of scratch mitts and booties for Mark’s colleague’s baby who arrived two weeks ago. Apparently he’s a very small baby so perhaps these won’t fit.

I can’t remember the wool brand but it’s Merino DK. The pattern is another from Claire Montgomerie’s Easy Baby Knits. In retrospect I’m not sure navy is a particularly good colour for a baby but at least it won’t show the dirt. I am however a huge fan of the pom poms. I didn’t make them myself because life is too short – and it was only £1.25 for about 20 from John Lewis.

You may get one more blog post from me, although I’m not promising anything as Kimberley is back at the weekend.

If you’re not up to anything this weekend can I recommend a visit to Deptford’s Cockpit Arts Open Studio event. It’s a great place to buy Christmas presents and they do very nice lunches too. Mark and I have been several times and had a lovely time. And there’s free street parking if you’re a fellow south east londoner (although you may have to drive around a while to find it).


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