Easy Baby Knits Cotton Booties

I wanted to blog this last night but following annoying technical glitches getting the image to upload here it is now.

Easy Knits Baby Booties

Easy Knits Baby Booties

My colleague left last week to go on maternity leave so we held a surprise baby shower for her.

Several people in the team decided to make some handmade gifts…including one person who made cake shaped like a pram (apologies I don’t have a photograph)!

My contribution was a pair of booties from Claire Montgomerie’s Easy Baby Knits book. The pattern is for Cotton DK but as this is a winter baby I opted for using Cashsoft Baby DK as I thought it would be warmer and more snuggly.

The pattern is pretty easy to follow although I’ve made these booties several times and managed to miss out a row of knitting on the straps.

For beginner knitters it’s good practice at knitting small things neatly and picking up stitches. I have to say I don’t think I like it as much as the pattern by Saartje (Kimberley has blogged about these here).

Tip – always stuff baby booties with tissue paper when you give them to people – they look way better all padded out.


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