Harris Tweed Socks inspired by Yarnstorm

Lovely socks on my feet

Lovely socks on my feet

I knitted my first pair of socks way back in 2007 when M’s Mum bought me a ball of Opal sock wool and some double pointed needles for Christmas. I found the first pair a little awkward to knit as I wasn’t used to knitting in the round…but now I’m a little bit addicted to sock knitting.

I’m particularly pleased with this pair, which will be winging their way to a lucky friend or family member this Christmas. I chose the yarn after seeing it on Yarnstorm , which is one of my favourite blogs (definitely check it out if you haven’t already).

The yarn is Schoppel Wolle Admiral Flakes 2016fla and I think the colours are gorgeous. I was thrilled to find it online for a mere £2.50 as a knitting shop was having a closing down sale.

The pattern was free from Ravelry and is the Harris Tweed Socks one. I have to confess that it caused me a lil’ bit of bother. I suspect this is because I often knit socks without really concentrating and this pattern required just a bit of concentration.

In retrospect I should have just a standard pair of socks as the ones on Yarnstorm show off the wool better I think, but I’m not about to unravel the whole lot and start again!

Anyone that can knit in the round should be able to follow this pattern really easy. I’m not entirely sure about the toe shape…next time I might do a different toe I think. Give sock knitting a try, it’s really portable and you get something you might actually use at the end.


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