Upcycle Christmas

Cake Stand

I found this competition on folksy about a month ago and decided to enter,this is what they say about it:

Upcycle Christmas is a competition for people to take second hand / charity stuff and make it into something ‘new’ and desirable to be sold at an online auction starting on the 7th December. All proceeds from the auction will go to Sue Ryder Care, the healthcare charity, our partners on the project.

I’m very competitive but realistically I can console myself with the fact that I’m doing something ‘good’ even if I don’t win. If, however, no one buys my item then I’m a complete loser.

Obviously I have left this until absolutely the last minute, I started making this on 19th November, the closing date is 5th December and we go on holiday on 23rd November.

So originally I planned to go to a Sue Ryder store where you were allowed to choose some items to ‘upcycle’ but I was too late, idiot. Fortunately for me the Free Boutique of Amber, (my sister’s cast offs) was discarding a couple of pure wool cardigans (one forest green, one grey) so I decided to felt these and make a ruffled cushion based on a tutorial on etsy (found here), I also bought another wool cardigan from the Cancer Research UK shop in Lewisham (navy) for the main part of the cushion. I cut up the pretty ones I got from Amber to make the rosettes.

It’s a bit weird because the colours are quite mannish but it’s all frilly and girly… however, I’m going on holiday on Monday so this is not going to be finished in time for the competition, so… I cheated. A bit. Only a teeny bit.

I have entered this cake stand I made last year, it still fits all the criteria for the competition, it’s just that I didn’t ORIGINALLY make it for this – is that cheating?

I have no idea who might buy this – if anyone. But if you want to support Sue Ryder Care AND massage my ego (a good combination – you will go to heaven) you can bid on it here (the auction goes up on 7th December I believe). Alternatively you can buy any of the other items as part of this project, most of them far better than mine…

Plates Detail


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