Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

Very 70s I know! I made this as dessert to follow a delicious roast dinner made by our friend’s Liz and Mark (well Mark really…). I spent ages looking through my various cook books and comparing it with what was in the cupboard and finally – at about 21.00 decided to make this, found in my ‘101 teatime treats’ book. This was a stocking filler last year that I have to say I assumed wasn’t that great, however on closer inspection all of the recipes look really good. It’s a BBC GoodFood book so I guess I should have been more trusting of the ‘most creative organisation in the world’.

I’ve never made a coffee cake before but I most certainly had the best base ingredients, Simon made the coffee from the organic espresso beans I bought from Monmouth Coffee Shop, home ground and brewed, so tasty.

I left the icing until the next day when I could go out and buy the mascarpone needed, how difficult would you think that would be to get? Let me tell you it’s bloody hard. I went to a Costcutter and three Tescos, including the one in (very posh) East Dulwich, they clearly don’t stock it on principle because they had every other sodding cheese going; feta, ricotta, haloumi for gods sake! Eventually I had to go to Sainsburys but it was worth it, the icing was really really good.

Obviously this is way too big for 4 people, we barely made a dent in it, so Liz had to take it to work to get rid of the rest of it, I’m sure they loved it 😀

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