Little Knitted Owls

Eagle Owl

After my amazing birds of prey day out last month I am even more obsessed with them than ever, especially owls, I think it’s the massive eyes and they really are beautiful close up. I’m considering getting one once we have a garden.

Anyway I found this pattern on Ysolda’s blog for a little cabled owl, she had made it into a hair clip but they look great as brooches and only take 5 mins to make so I knocked up a few.

Yellow owlTawny owlBlue/grey

Obviously mine aren’t as good as hers *sulk* and I’m not sure about the addition of the embroidered beak, what do you think? I particularly like the textured wool one, it looks like a tawny owl.

Tawny Owl

I’ve sent one to Simon’s aunt with a get well soon card and I’m going to give one to my gran for christmas too. I just want to make more though, they are so cute.

In fact I got totally over excited and bought her book – Little Whimsical Knits 2 – it’s only £12 and you get both the book and the patterns in PDF, ideal! I particularly want to make these – Snapdragon Mits

snapdragon mittens


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