Tis the season – well almost

Don’t get all ‘I can’t believe you’re talking about Christmas already’ with me, some idiot in our street had their tree up three weeks ago so I’m late, and quite frankly, considerate, if anything!

I’m planning to ‘bosh out Christmas’ ASAP as Simon and I are off on holiday at the end of November and I want all the shopping and cards done before we go. With this in mind I was browsing Etsy’s homemade cards and thought you might like to see my top ten:

Mince Pies

Such a yummy looking sketch – reminds me of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ illustrations


This is so cool, it has real flowers on it, it’s really mental though.

3D Robin

Totally over the top buy VERY pretty

Sugar Plum Fairy

It’s the sugar plum fairy! And she’s so rococo


This made me laugh 😀

and a partridge in a pear tree

This is from ‘Dutchdoor’s shop’ so aptly named

Vintage snowball fight

I LOVE these, i really might buy them too – if they weren’t $14.50 for three, sadly out of my price range 😦

Feliz Navidad!

‘Feliz navidad (d’do do d’do), feliz navidad’ – sadly not a musical card

x x x

Very sophisticated if a little saccharine

Yule log

I love everything in this shop, the ‘journey journal’ is especially clever.

There are so many good ones but I could be here all day, I seemed to be particularly drawn to the reindeer ones – there were about 12 on my shortlist. Any favourites, any I missed? Or alternatively if you have seen any good ones that are around £5 for 10 let me know.


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