A Birthday Feast

Moules Mariniere

So on Saturday I got up at 4.30am to go to Billingsgate Fish Market. If you live in London and have never been you’re an idiot. I was an idiot up until Saturday, it’s stupendous!

Liz and I arrived at about 5.45, it was heaving with people, a complete mixture of trade buyers, tourists and people like us just wanting to buy a few bits. But the bargains! Oh the bargains…

I specifically wanted to go to get mussels for Simon’s birthday, I got 5kg for £9 – obscenely cheap, Liz got 3kg of clams for £18 and we got a whole salmon to share for £15, we got 12 large steaks out of it. We also nearly bought a box of sea bass for £23 (it had about 6 fish in it) but couldn’t find the guy again, which was probably a good thing. I definitely need to go on a filleting course before I go again.

By the time we left, the queue to park was massive so it’s worth going early, we dropped the fish off at home and then went to Borough market to get the rest of the items for our respective feasts. We got there at about 8 and most of the stall holders were still setting up – there were quite a few who had clearly just come from Billingsgate too. It was such a nice shopping experience early in the morning though – no crowds, no tourists, no pushing and shoving to get to the tastings.

As we had now been up for almost 5 hours we figured it was time for a mulled wine so we took our steaming cups around with us whilst we bought cheese and bread and figs and quince and banana shallots and herbs and tarts and turkish delight.

After a much lolling around and a short nap I made us classic moules mariniere (Rik Stein style), Simon made chips from scratch and we gorged ourselves on the yummy yummy mussels and crisp white wine.

MusselsOther ingredientsChips

We ate about 3kgs and felt sick, we had to save the cheese for lunch the next day but it was worth it.

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