Granny Square Crochet Slippers


I only learned to crochet fairly recently from a book that Simon’s mum bought me. One of the best things in the book are the granny squares as you get to use lots of different stitches, I found the pattern for these slippers on the ever-inspiring Purl Bee, SO much fun to make and although they look a bit hippyish they are really comfy and cosy.

I made them out of cotton dk, as they won’t stretch so much. The only crochet hook I had that was the right size was a cheap plastic one from some knitting magazine my mum bought which helpfully snapped halfway through, however, whilst now very short it was still usable and having no other option I used it for the other slipper too, just to make it a little bit harder for myself. I really must invest in a full set of hooks.

I used whatever colours were knocking around and consequently they are quite loud so this will obviously be a test pair but Simon ‘definitely wants some’ so that’s one Christmas present taken care of. Dad, on the other hand, was not so keen..

Granny SquaresLayout

The instructions on putting them together are quite confusing but it’s better to follow the pictures rather than the instructions.

SidesPretty slippers

Back viewMore slippers

For some reason mine look a lot more holey than the ones they were originally based on, so I’m going to try it with different wool and needles and see what I come up with. I’m also going to try it with different granny squares, maybe these:

Another granny square

I’ll let you know if I have any breakthroughs.


3 thoughts on “Granny Square Crochet Slippers

  1. These are amazing! I’m incredibly impresed. I don’t think I like crochet as an actual activity though. Remind me to give you that replacement hook tonight!

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