My first cowl


As you may have seen last week I was coveting cowls and this weekend I discovered the joy of knitting with super chunky wool, the joy being that you can finish a project in an afternoon.

I got this pattern from Ravelry, a free pattern from Jane Richmond it’s fantastic and really easy but I altered it slightly. She recommends using a 15mm circular needle, clearly I haven’t got one of these and I wasn’t going to buy one for one project so I used 12mm straight needles and just sewed it together rather than knitting in the round (which I hate anyway).

I also knitted it a little wider than recommended, I had one and a half skeins of the wool (cygnet ‘seriously chunky’ which was only £1.99 a ball – a bargain to make) so I just kept knitting until it was all gone.

It’s so cosy and warm, I love it!

Cosy Cowl (double wrapped)Hoody Cowl

I’m going to buy the crochet pattern too and have a go at that. It’s going to be a cowly winter.


10 thoughts on “My first cowl

  1. Correction: Okay having just made another one of these I realised my instructions were not very clear, so:
    Cast on 55 stitches
    K1 P1 to end (end with K1), repeat for 20 rows
    Cast off in seed stitch
    twist to create a morbius strip effect and sew ends together

  2. Hi Kimberley, lovely cowl and thanks for sharing the knitting details. Wasn’t quite sure how many £1.99 balls of the Cygnet Seriously Chunky knitting yarn you needed?

    • Hi Ros

      Thanks for the comment! I made another one recently and bought two balls but only used one and a half – however if you wanted it to be wider you could use up the rest of the second ball. I hope that helps 🙂


  3. Hi,
    love your take on the Marian. I found it and I
    in love. I’m fairly amateur in my knitting so a bit confused by the start of the pattern. I don’t understand how she means to twist the first stitch….can you explain that for me? And how does that give the overall look the twisted effect? Sorry just want mine to turn out right 🙂

  4. Well I started a bit of a ‘practice’ knit (as I have decided to wait for my new nedles to get here – as I’m struggling to get a hang of the circular knitting). Looking at it (its under my projects on Ravelry) I’m pretty sure I’ve used the wrong stitch! lol Nice non the less but I don’t think it is seed stitch…Can you have a look at it for me? I was doing k1, p1, k1 etc but then think I knitted the purl stitches and purled the knit stitches….was I meant to knit the knit and purl the purl??
    Silly me…. 🙂

    EmmasLoveKnits – Ravelry

  5. Oh and I will be just knitting then sewing it together afterwards….until I get a bit better at this whole thing! lol

    • Okay so I looked at the photo and you’re right, it’s not in seed stitch. But no matter, that’s why you did a practice run right? For seed stitch you need to knit the purl sts and purl the knit sts, basically whatever stitch you finish on, start the next row on the other one. Like so –
      Odd Rows: K1, P1 repeat to end, K1
      Even Rows: P1, K1 repeat to end P1

      However, your rib knitting looked really neat so I hope you’re pleased with it regardless!

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