Badge Making

When Simon and I first started going out he bought me a present, that present was a badge maker, this is why he is great, no shitty flowers for me!

We haven’t made badges for ages and I really enjoy it as it’s un-feminine enough for us to do together (sickening I know), also my boss at work has been commenting on the badges I got from the Henry VIII exhibition recently (they say ‘fear’, ‘traitor’ and ‘harlot’, went down a treat…) and I promised to make him one. So we sat down with wine and a load of magazines and free media to make some badges, our flat is a hive of activity in the run up to Question Time – the culmination of our Thursday evening.

A badge maker is a precision tool you know, it’s quite a sturdy piece of kit,check it out!

The precision tool of the badge maker

so firstly you find some pretty/cool/funny pictures you want to make into a little button badge


Then you cut it out with the circular cutter on a peice of perspex


You get lots of cute little circles like these


you then have to follow a procedure not interesting enough to go into here

and that’s it – loads of badges!



3 thoughts on “Badge Making

    • Kat, FYI the word ‘snood’ is not in fashion. Cowls, however, are. Therefore it is a cowl. Alsoo snood sounds so 80’s maybe team it with a pair of ski-pants?

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