Knitting and Stitching Show – Alexandra Palace

Oh we had a nice family day out at the show, Amber, Ange and I arrived with many old ladies and students for a day of craft related fun.

We methodically made our way around the show, there was a lot of rubbish but also some great stuff, the first stand we stopped at had these cool kits to make your own rosette from Fabrications. For £10 you get a bag full of ribbon, fabric strips and circles, lace, wool, buttons, safety pins, a reel of cotton (on a nice wooden reel, ooh) two needles and a ‘loom’. It’s all scraps and offcuts and gives you instructions on three different ways to make rosette type brooches.

The Loom

For the loom method you wind various bits of stuff (fabric, ribbon, wool) round the pins in a figure of eight, sew in-between the pins in a star pattern then embellish with lace, buttons, sequins etc

What do you think?


Obviously it’s a first attempt but I think the loom will be great. There’s enough stuff to make loads of brooches but it’s a really good way to use up pretty fabric leftovers, bits of ribbon from wedding invites (for example…) and other pretty things you hoarded for no particular reason but can’t bear to throw away.

I also bought an off-cut to make some napkins:


and we bought some quilting fabric, giant ric rac, humungus knitting needles to knit with cut-up blankets to make rugs (they are the size of broom handles).

The graduate show was fantastic, really inspired stuff,I bought a cute bird brooch Bird Brooch

but the real exhibition stuff was depressingly beautiful. A couple of my favourites:

Katie Almond,  Paper and Ceramics
Jenny Hall, Artist and Maker

There was also a woman who had embellished/embroidered huge shells, they were really cool in a sort of matrix-y way in it’s artificiality but still really natural and flowing, stupidly I have misplaced her card though – humph.

Overall not bad for a tenner but it’s just a shame there weren’t more interactive stands, ideas and freebies.


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