Red Chilli Jam

Jar O' Chilli Jam

Another triumph from the National Trust book, I am definitely in cooking mode at the moment (I am also doing Christmas craft, but I can’t tell you about that…)

This is really easy to make although I seemed to spend an age chopping and not that long cooking. It’s a sweet, sticky, hot and tangy jam. I also got to use chillies from our plant which I grew from seed, this is very satisfying.

Chilli jam in the making

We decided to order an organic meat box from Riverford to go with our veg box just to ‘try it out’, oh my god it’s amazing,


Look at all the meat! We are planning to smother the spare ribs in the chilli jam for dinner tomorrow, but it will also make awesome fajitas, and a tasty dip for tortilla chips. It’s not going to last 5 minutes.

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One thought on “Red Chilli Jam

  1. Remind me to give you some chillis tonight/tomorrow. We have a big bag of fresh ones bought at a chilli ‘event’ we went to recently.

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